Content management just got easier

The Kontent user interface is where content teams and marketers get their jobs done. This is why we continue investing in making this experience as seamless as possible so you can focus on creating the perfect content without distractions.

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Streamlined user interface

The latest improvements to the Kontent UI are designed to improve discoverability, increasing the contrast between action items and making it easier to find exactly which content elements you need to focus on.

As your volume of content increases, it becomes even more important to be able to find what you need quickly. This latest update ensures your experience scales along with your business.

There’s no place like Home

Every user can find their most relevant tasks, content, and editorial calendar right on their personalized Home screen. This gives editors a starting point to the authoring experience, allowing them to act upon tasks they’ve been assigned and prioritize the content they’ll be working on.

Simplified authoring experience

Content Groups minimize the authoring interface to only the fields an author needs to interact with. This lets them focus on the details that best align with their area of expertise and makes it easy for managers to delegate authoring responsibilities to the team members best suited to populate different aspects of each content item.

Improve efficiency with Simultaneous Editing

Simultaneous Editing allows multiple users to work on the same content item at the same time, without wiping out each other’s work. Users are notified of others working on the same item as them, locking down individual fields as they’re being edited and automatically saving those changes when the user moves to a new field so that other users can immediately see the latest version.

Manage your website in-context

Sometimes it helps to see exactly how your content will look in a specific channel. Web Spotlight gives digital marketers and content authors full control over how their content looks within their websites. Content is updated within the context of their webpages, with real-time collaboration, comments and suggestions all displaying in-context as well. This makes updating your website a breeze while still leaving all your content flexible to be displayed across any other applications or channels.

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